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Welcome to my website. I'm Chris Bell (also known as Doogal, hence the domain name) and I'm a developer specialising in .NET, PHP and Google Maps integration. This website started out as my personal website but has morphed into a site covering UK postcodes, map tools and some bits of code.

Most popular content

1. London postcodes - a complete list of London postcodes grouped by district
2. UK parliamentary constituency postcodes
3. Random postcode generator
4. A complete list of UK postcodes and their latitude/longitude
5. Google Maps lat/long finder - find the latitude and longitude of locations by clicking on a map
6. Generate a bunch of random UK addresses
7. South Thanet constituency postcodes
8. Batch geocoding of addresses
9. Find the elevation of a route between two locations
10. Find a postcode - provide an address or postcode and find its location and nearby postcodes

I also have a blog that doesn't get updated very often, but does have information about updates here.

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Except where otherwise stated, the source code on this site is available under a public domain license, which means you can do what you like with it. I retain copyright to the other content on the site, except for the content that has come from other sources and has its own copyright notice.

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