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Postcodes in Holywell East ED, Sir y Fflint - Flintshire

All administrative areas > Sir y Fflint - Flintshire

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District code: W06000005
Ward code: W05000212

Other wards in this district
Argoed ED,  Aston ED,  Bagillt East ED,  Bagillt West ED,  Broughton North East ED,  Broughton South ED,  Brynford ED,  Buckley Bistre East ED,  Buckley Bistre West ED,  Buckley Mountain ED,  Buckley Pentrobin ED,  Caergwrle ED,  Caerwys ED,  Cilcain ED,  Connah's Quay Central ED,  Connah's Quay Golftyn ED,  Connah's Quay South ED,  Connah's Quay Wepre ED,  Ewloe ED,  Ffynnongroyw ED,  Flint Castle ED,  Flint Coleshill ED,  Flint Oakenholt ED,  Flint Trelawny ED,  Greenfield ED,  Gronant ED,  Gwernaffield ED,  Gwernymynydd ED,  Halkyn ED,  Hawarden ED,  Higher Kinnerton ED,  Holywell Central ED,  Holywell East ED,  Holywell West ED,  Hope ED,  Leeswood ED,  Llanfynydd ED,  Mancot ED,  Mold Broncoed ED,  Mold East ED,  Mold South ED,  Mold West ED,  Mostyn ED,  New Brighton ED,  Northop ED,  Northop Hall ED,  Penyffordd ED,  Queensferry ED,  Saltney Mold Junction ED,  Saltney Stonebridge ED,  Sealand ED,  Shotton East ED,  Shotton Higher ED,  Shotton West ED,  Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor ED,  Treuddyn ED,  Whitford ED
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43 postcodes, 42 active
Postcode LatitudeLatitude LongitudeLongitude EastingEasting NorthingNorthing Grid reference Active?
CH6 6JS53.277013-3.197745320231376228SJ202762Yes
CH8 7AQ53.277169-3.209882319422376259SJ194762Yes
CH8 7AY53.276471-3.212247319263376184SJ192761Yes
CH8 7AZ53.277166-3.211097319341376260SJ193762Yes
CH8 7BA53.276534-3.211349319323376190SJ193761Yes
CH8 7BB53.27323-3.215334319051375827SJ190758Yes
CH8 7BD53.27524-3.210472319379376045SJ193760Yes
CH8 7BE53.274849-3.210896319350376002SJ193760Yes
CH8 7BG53.275096-3.209554319440376028SJ194760Yes
CH8 7BH53.2739-3.212204319261375898SJ192758Yes
CH8 7BJ53.275731-3.210801319358376100SJ193761Yes
CH8 7BL53.273451-3.213931319145375850SJ191758Yes
CH8 7BN53.27343-3.211576319302375845SJ193758Yes
CH8 7BP53.275958-3.213177319200376128SJ192761Yes
CH8 7BQ53.277075-3.212099319274376251SJ192762Yes
CH8 7BR53.275921-3.209772319427376120SJ194761Yes
CH8 7BS53.274505-3.210212319395375963SJ193759Yes
CH8 7BT53.274236-3.210099319402375933SJ194759Yes
CH8 7BU53.274869-3.208917319482376002SJ194760Yes
CH8 7BW53.273328-3.212818319219375835SJ192758Yes
CH8 7BX53.276156-3.209583319440376146SJ194761Yes
CH8 7BY53.276208-3.21161319305376154SJ193761Yes
CH8 7BZ53.275831-3.211524319310376112SJ193761Yes
CH8 7DP53.277661-3.206551319645376310SJ196763Yes
CH8 7DU53.278176-3.208951319486376370SJ194763Yes
CH8 7EA53.277605-3.20856319511376306SJ195763Yes
CH8 7EB53.277191-3.207708319567376259SJ195762Yes
CH8 7ED53.276659-3.207858319556376200SJ195762Yes
CH8 7EG53.276071-3.204692319766376131SJ197761Yes
CH8 7EZ53.274515-3.203029319874375956SJ198759Yes
CH8 7HA53.276636-3.204828319758376194SJ197761Yes
CH8 7HB53.277106-3.205486319715376247SJ197762Yes
CH8 7HG53.282641-3.196822320303376853SJ203768Yes
CH8 7HH53.278303-3.200015320082376374SJ200763Yes
CH8 7HL53.275727-3.205867319687376094SJ196760Yes
CH8 7HP53.277587-3.205904319688376301SJ196763Yes
CH8 7HQ53.282239-3.197456320260376809SJ202768Yes
CH8 7HU53.277883-3.206003319682376334SJ196763Yes
CH8 7HX53.276286-3.208372319521376159SJ195761Yes
CH8 7PB53.281694-3.195326320401376746SJ204767Yes
CH8 7TL53.272818-3.216147318996375782SJ189757Yes
CH8 7TS53.27334-3.217767318889375842SJ188758Yes
CH8 7TT53.273613-3.21752318906375872SJ189758No

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Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2014

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