Property sales in CT10 postcode area, Broadstairs

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the CT10 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Pysons Road Industrial Estate, St Peters, Broadstairs, based on the records of the Land Registry

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2014-06-2350 Grenville Way, BroadstairsCT10 2JR£250,000Detached (freehold)
2014-06-203 Mockett Drive, BroadstairsCT10 3DJ£155,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-06-1911 Davids Close, BroadstairsCT10 1RD£242,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-06-1812 Park Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 2EY£325,500Detached (freehold)
2014-06-17The Coach House, St. Stephens Manor, North Foreland Road, BroadstairsCT10 3FA£235,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-06-1345 Edge End Road, BroadstairsCT10 2AH£285,000Detached (freehold)
2014-06-132 Heather Court, St Peters Road, BroadstairsCT10 2AX£130,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-06-1347 Church Court Grove, BroadstairsCT10 2YH£99,950Flat (leasehold)
2014-06-13Flat 2, 47 Stone Road, BroadstairsCT10 1DZ£165,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-06-1141 Edge End Road, BroadstairsCT10 2AH£299,995Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-06-1037 The Hawthorns, BroadstairsCT10 2NG£230,000Detached (freehold)
2014-06-092 Norman Road, BroadstairsCT10 3BZ£150,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-06-0627 Edge End Road, BroadstairsCT10 2AH£209,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-06-0211 Cliffside Drive, BroadstairsCT10 1RX£370,000Detached (freehold)
2014-06-0260 St Georges Road, BroadstairsCT10 1NS£285,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-06-0243 The Ridgeway, BroadstairsCT10 2HE£200,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-06-022 Laylam Close, BroadstairsCT10 2SH£305,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-305 Northdown Road, BroadstairsCT10 2UN£226,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-05-303 Dolphin Close, KingsgateCT10 3LQ£375,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-293 Ranelagh Grove, St PetersCT10 2TE£215,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-2820 High Street, St PetersCT10 2TQ£190,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-05-2822 Francis Road, North ForelandCT10 3NG£275,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-28Flat 8, Dickens Lodge, Wealdhurst Park, BroadstairsCT10 2DY£174,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-284 Dorcas Gardens, BroadstairsCT10 1BS£225,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-2862 Northwood Road, BroadstairsCT10 2NH£171,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-235 Church Court Grove, BroadstairsCT10 2YH£85,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-2374 Northdown Hill, BroadstairsCT10 3JD£155,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-05-2324 Chaucer Road, BroadstairsCT10 1QU£165,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-05-2316 Stone Road, BroadstairsCT10 1DZ£435,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-2349 Weatherly Drive, BroadstairsCT10 2EE£217,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-2232 Stone Road, BroadstairsCT10 1DZ£360,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-208 Seacroft Road, BroadstairsCT10 1TL£170,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-1966 Stone Road, BroadstairsCT10 1EB£440,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1927 Grange Way, BroadstairsCT10 2YP£322,500Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1939 Dane Court Gardens, BroadstairsCT10 2SD£295,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1921 Ranelagh Grove, St PetersCT10 2TE£282,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-1942 St Georges Road, BroadstairsCT10 1NR£340,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-19Flat 30, Dickens Lodge, Wealdhurst Park, BroadstairsCT10 2DY£109,950Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-192 Wilkes Road, BroadstairsCT10 2HL£159,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1694 Park Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 2EZ£360,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-162 Ranelagh Grove, St PetersCT10 2TE£300,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-167 Alderney Gardens, St PetersCT10 2TN£340,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1613 Pierremont Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1NL£395,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1638 Lanthorne Road, BroadstairsCT10 3LZ£783,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1651 Kingsgate Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 3QP£270,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1621 Dumpton Park Drive, BroadstairsCT10 1RQ£470,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-1211 Catherine Way, BroadstairsCT10 1BW£196,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-0998 Lindenthorpe Road, BroadstairsCT10 1DH£317,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-0945 Upton Road, St PetersCT10 2AS£244,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-09Albert Villas, 9 Union Square, BroadstairsCT10 1EX£210,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-05-0816 Clarendon Road, BroadstairsCT10 1NN£158,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-05-0848 Percy Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 3LD£203,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-07Flat 16, St Helens, Poplar Road, BroadstairsCT10 2SJ£136,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-0644 Swinburne Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 2DP£136,000Flat (freehold)
2014-05-0612 Marshall Crescent, BroadstairsCT10 2HS£187,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-0238 Castle Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1EG£371,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-05-028 The Banks, BroadstairsCT10 3AD£370,000Detached (freehold)
2014-05-02Flat 5, Broadhall Manor, Foreland Heights, BroadstairsCT10 3FP£245,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-02Flat 5, The Point 23 Western Esplanade, BroadstairsCT10 1TD£1,100,000New build flat (leasehold)
2014-05-02Flat 4, 37 Grosvenor Road, BroadstairsCT10 2BT£81,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-02Flat 2, 83 Kingsgate Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 3LW£146,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-29Flat 2, 12 Victoria Parade, BroadstairsCT10 1QS£152,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-2922 Fair Street, BroadstairsCT10 2JL£272,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-294 St Peters Court, St PetersCT10 2UU£245,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-2914 Northdown Hill, BroadstairsCT10 3JH£145,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-2983 Percy Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 3LD£237,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-04-282 Dorset Villas, West Cliff Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1QA£275,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-28170 Botany Road, KingsgateCT10 3SE£232,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-04-286 Magdalen Court, BroadstairsCT10 1DE£125,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-2825 Westwood Road, BroadstairsCT10 2LB£280,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-25Surat, Second Avenue, KingsgateCT10 3LN£412,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-253 Bracken Court, Ranelagh Grove, BroadstairsCT10 2TB£138,000Flat (freehold)
2014-04-24169 Ramsgate Road, BroadstairsCT10 2EW£275,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-2334 Linden Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1HR£326,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-229A Queens Gardens, BroadstairsCT10 1QE£285,000Flat (freehold)
2014-04-171 Bedford Court, Eastern Esplanade, BroadstairsCT10 1DQ£240,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-1650 Dumpton Park Drive, BroadstairsCT10 1RJ£338,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-144 Pierremont Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1NL£356,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-14The Gables, North Foreland Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 3QT£500,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-11Morfa, Cliff Promenade, North ForelandCT10 3QY£760,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-116 The Lawns, 56 Dumpton Park Drive, BroadstairsCT10 1RJ£250,000New build flat (leasehold)
2014-04-113 Swinburne Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 2DP£250,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-1182 Salisbury Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 2DU£195,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-11Flat 1, Dickens Lodge, Wealdhurst Park, BroadstairsCT10 2DY£112,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-1184B Church Street, St PetersCT10 2TU£85,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-1118 Holm Oak Gardens, BroadstairsCT10 2JF£375,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-1140 Fair Street, BroadstairsCT10 2JL£345,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-11Flat 2, The Point, 23 Western Esplanade, BroadstairsCT10 1TD£685,000New build flat (leasehold)
2014-04-1125 Seacroft Road, BroadstairsCT10 1TL£249,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-119 Cedar Close, BroadstairsCT10 3BU£175,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-1036 Cumberland Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1HU£291,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-10Flat 3, The Point 23 Western Esplanade, BroadstairsCT10 1TD£850,000New build flat (leasehold)
2014-04-1078 Carlton Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 1BB£314,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-085 Stone Bay Court, BroadstairsCT10 1ST£385,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-0845 Vincent Close, BroadstairsCT10 2ND£165,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-04-0439 Wrotham Road, BroadstairsCT10 1QG£275,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-04-03100 Westwood Road, BroadstairsCT10 2PB£148,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-03Flat 7, Broadhall Manor, Foreland Heights, BroadstairsCT10 3FP£215,000New build flat (leasehold)
2014-04-02Flat 4, Mar Croft, North Foreland Avenue, BroadstairsCT10 3QR£160,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-01Flat 6, Bevan Mansions, 2 North Foreland Road, BroadstairsCT10 1FE£305,000New build flat (leasehold)

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period January 1995 to June 2014.
© Crown copyright 2014.

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The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.

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