Property sales in DA1 postcode area, Dartford

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the DA1 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Dartford, Crayford, Barnes Cray, based on the records of the Land Registry

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2015-01-2315A Shirley Close, Dartford, DA1 5BB£140,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-2173 Alcock Crescent, Crayford, DA1 4FQ£177,500Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-2034 Crawford Avenue, Dartford, DA1 2GB£199,995Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-19First Floor Flat, 14 - 16 Station Road, Crayford, DA1 3QA£160,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-1915 Perry Grove, Dartford, DA1 5NH£212,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-1684 Anne Of Cleves Road, Dartford, DA1 2BQ£238,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-1619B Iron Mill Lane, Crayford, DA1 4RN£235,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-134 Iron Mill Lane, Dartford, DA1 4RW£355,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-12122 Dartford Road, Dartford, DA1 3EX£210,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-0926A Dartford Road, Dartford, DA1 3DZ£175,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-0920 Shaftesbury Lane, Dartford, DA1 5NP£206,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-098 Mallard Close, Dartford, DA1 5SU£209,995Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-0945 Norman Road, Dartford, DA1 1LE£265,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-0971 Heath Lane, Dartford, DA1 2QF£320,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-07130A Iron Mill Lane, Crayford, DA1 4RR£190,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-0628 Hawthorn Road, Dartford, DA1 2SB£235,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-0531 Cranford Road, Dartford, DA1 1JP£145,000Terraced (leasehold)
2015-01-0515A Heathclose Road, Dartford, DA1 2PU£195,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-0538 Waldeck Road, Dartford, DA1 1UA£190,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-24114 Heath Road, Crayford, DA1 3NY£290,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-2227 Burnham Crescent, Dartford, DA1 5BA£130,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-2215 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£245,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-2212 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£284,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1947 Burnham Road, Dartford, DA1 5AY£247,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1914 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£245,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-194 Little Red Walk, Dartford, DA1 5RD£252,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-191 Little Red Walk, Dartford, DA1 5RD£281,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1967 Falcon Close, Dartford, DA1 5SA£142,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1953 Cochrane Drive, Dartford, DA1 2GE£325,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1950 Penney Close, Dartford, DA1 2NE£260,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-19306 Lowfield Street, Dartford, DA1 1LH£282,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1939 Warren Road, Dartford, DA1 1PS£235,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1986 Chastilian Road, Dartford, DA1 3JZ£320,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1928 Wyatt Road, Crayford, DA1 4SP£250,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-19112 London Road, Crayford, DA1 4BT£205,145Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1938 Mill Place, Crayford, DA1 4NJ£195,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1940 Claremont Crescent, Crayford, DA1 4RJ£160,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1940A Windsor Drive, Dartford, DA1 3HN£193,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-181 Andrew Close, Crayford, DA1 4BX£354,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-18203 Burnham Road, Dartford, DA1 5AU£100,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-18140 Dunlop Close, Dartford, DA1 5LS£119,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-18Flat 11, Ashcroft Court, The Brent, Dartford, DA1 1YB£135,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1748 Carlisle Road, Dartford, DA1 1XL£195,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1748 Wolsley Close, Crayford, DA1 4BB£237,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-17150 Dunlop Close, Dartford, DA1 5LS£123,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-17Flat 1, Redwood Court, Norfolk Close, Dartford, DA1 5PD£95,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-174 Atlas Road, Dartford, DA1 5QR£100,000Semi-detached (leasehold)
2014-12-1640 Seaton Road, Dartford, DA1 3LB£407,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1611 Maiden Lane, Crayford, DA1 4AE£330,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-15248 Lowfield Street, Dartford, DA1 1LH£215,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1224 Howard Road, Dartford, DA1 1XH£200,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1218 Finchley Close, Dartford, DA1 1XR£185,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-125 Brandon Road, Dartford, DA1 1SD£215,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1211A Dudsbury Road, Dartford, DA1 3BU£172,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-12Flat 38, Thames Gate, St Edmunds Road, Dartford, DA1 5ND£112,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1215 Lady Jane Place, Dartford, DA1 5QY£237,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1210 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£233,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-129 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£236,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1120 Vaughan Close, Dartford, DA1 2JD£190,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-09Flat 4, Castalia Court, Mccudden Road, Dartford, DA1 5QL£145,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-0835 Priory Hill, Dartford, DA1 2BD£235,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0824 Kenwyn Road, Dartford, DA1 2TH£125,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-0817A Perry Street, Crayford, DA1 4RB£387,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0846 Wentworth Drive, Dartford, DA1 3NG£375,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-051 Maiden Lane, Crayford, DA1 4AE£305,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-05Flat 11, East House, Cornwall Road, Dartford, DA1 5PW£171,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-0521 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£277,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-05147 Burnham Road, Dartford, DA1 5AZ£192,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-058 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£234,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0517 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£274,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0518 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£281,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0525 Tufnail Road, Dartford, DA1 1TP£250,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-05180 Shepherds Lane, Dartford, DA1 2PW£490,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0418 Brandon Road, Dartford, DA1 1SD£215,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0317 Knights Manor Way, Dartford, DA1 5SB£201,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0325 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£204,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0244 Ashurst Close, Dartford, DA1 4SX£286,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-029 Walnut Tree Avenue, Dartford, DA1 1LJ£238,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0181 Laburnum Avenue, Dartford, DA1 2QW£115,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0197 Meadowside, Dartford, DA1 2SJ£118,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-01251 Dartford Road, Dartford, DA1 3HA£268,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2842 Mayplace Avenue, Crayford, DA1 4PZ£290,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2812 Kenwyn Road, Dartford, DA1 2TH£125,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-11-2838 Stanham Road, Dartford, DA1 3AN£337,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2827 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£199,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2829 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£199,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2831 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£199,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2833 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£204,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2817 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£281,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2823 Stones Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5GS£281,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-288 Strickland Avenue, Dartford, DA1 5JR£242,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2817 Brunel Way, Dartford, DA1 5FL£282,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2820 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£269,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2821 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£269,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2819 Bell Terrace, Dartford, DA1 5FN£275,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-11-28511 Knights Manor Way, Dartford, DA1 5SL£235,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-28113 Elm Road, Dartford, DA1 2SD£115,000Semi-detached (leasehold)
2014-11-2836 Humber Road, Dartford, DA1 2TG£160,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-11-28431 Princes Road, Dartford, DA1 1RB£247,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2832 Watling Street, Dartford, DA1 1RF£330,000Semi-detached (freehold)

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period January 1995 to January 2015.
© Crown copyright 2015.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.

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