Property sales in GL6 postcode area, Stroud

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the GL6 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Nailsworth, Painswick, Stroud, based on the records of the Land Registry

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2015-02-208 Down View, Chalford Hill, GL6 8NB£167,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-191 The Spot, Brownshill, GL6 8AW£270,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-02-138 Hill Top View, Chalford, GL6 8HL£125,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-02-1229 Tylers Way, Chalford Hill, GL6 8ND£205,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-12Beechcroft, Brownshill, GL6 8AG£575,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-11Mushroom Cottage, St Marys, Chalford, GL6 8PP£385,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-10Nydene, Wells Road, Eastcombe, GL6 7EE£460,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-09Glen Cottage, Bussage, GL6 8AU£247,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-066 Higher Newmarket Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0RP£240,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-02-0420 Priory Fields, Horsley, GL6 0PT£465,000New build terraced (freehold)
2015-02-04Lyndhon, Park Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0HT£243,700Detached (freehold)
2015-02-038 The Croft, Painswick, GL6 6QP£375,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-3050 Highwood Drive, Nailsworth, GL6 0BJ£250,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-308 Nympsfield Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0EE£135,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-294 Ferris Court View, Bussage, GL6 8HE£230,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-2923 Foxes Close, Chalford, GL6 8JZ£114,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-2915 Gardiner Close, Chalford, GL6 8NJ£159,950Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-28Hillside, Westrip, GL6 6EY£265,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-2331 Tetbury Street, Minchinhampton, GL6 9JH£330,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-16Borene, Burfords Ground, Windsor Edge, Nailsworth, GL6 0NN£158,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-1614 Sparrow Close, Chalford, GL6 8FP£320,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-1616 Sparrow Close, Chalford, GL6 8FP£340,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-165 Ash Grove, Chalford, GL6 8GZ£187,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-16Meadowside, Randalls Green, Chalford Hill, GL6 8LH£410,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-129 Manor Close, Minchinhampton, GL6 9DG£260,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-1210 The Old Warehouse, Longfords Mill, Minchinhampton, GL6 9LS£150,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-12Pendower, Lower Kitesnest Lane, Whiteshill, GL6 6BL£365,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-09Avalon, The Ryelands, Randwick, GL6 6HQ£412,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-09Flat 26, Cecily Court, Cambridge Way, Minchinhampton, GL6 9DN£159,000Flat (leasehold)
2015-01-09Springfields, Cheltenham Road, Bisley, GL6 7BJ£300,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-09Spring House, Park Road Crescent, Nailsworth, GL6 0HZ£355,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-0815 Highwood Drive, Nailsworth, GL6 0BJ£159,950Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-08Yew Tree Cottage, Bath Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0QL£242,500Detached (freehold)
2015-01-0736 Freame Close, Chalford, GL6 8HG£138,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-05Lympstone Comrades Yard, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0JE£250,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-0513 Rowan Way, Nailsworth, GL6 0TE£152,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-196 Whitecroft, Forest Green, GL6 0NS£305,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1959 Freame Close, Chalford, GL6 8HG£167,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1914 Richmond Village, Stroud Road, Painswick, GL6 6UH£499,950Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1968 Windmill Road, Minchinhampton, GL6 9ED£495,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-19Well Cottage, Box, GL6 9HF£375,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1918B West End, Minchinhampton, GL6 9JA£265,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1913 Hazel Court, Nailsworth, GL6 0TR£152,000Terraced (leasehold)
2014-12-19Molehill Cottage, Main Road, Whiteshill, GL6 6JS£288,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1923 The Old George, Tabrams Pitch, Nailsworth, GL6 0BA£165,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1925 Beechwood Close, Nailsworth, GL6 0BG£47,950Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1936 Park Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0HS£325,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-197 Munday Close, Bussage, GL6 8DG£244,950Detached (freehold)
2014-12-17Woodbine Cottage, The Park, Painswick, GL6 6SN£475,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-16Christmas Cottage, Frampton Mansell, GL6 8JG£290,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-16Waverley House, Edgeworth, GL6 7JE£825,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1631 Lypiatt View, Bussage, GL6 8DA£210,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-16Wessex Cottage, France Lynch, GL6 8LU£500,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-164 Bluebell Rise, Chalford, GL6 8NP£215,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1619 Bluebell Rise, Chalford, GL6 8NP£280,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-158 Brockley Acres, Eastcombe, GL6 7DU£280,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-15The Old School House, Edgeworth, GL6 7JQ£1,600,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-121 Througham Court Cottages, Througham, The Camp, GL6 7HG£350,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-121 Burleigh View, Bussage, GL6 8DD£245,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-128 Robin Close, Chalford, GL6 8FN£350,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-122 Jersey Villas, Nailsworth, GL6 0LJ£548,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-12Triscombe, Jubilee Road, Forest Green, GL6 0NF£347,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1211 New Mills, Nailsworth, GL6 0HN£188,500New build flat (leasehold)
2014-12-11Hils Land, Box, GL6 9HL£320,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-11Four Winds, Butt Street, Minchinhampton, GL6 9JS£530,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-11Castle End, The Beacon, Painswick Beacon, GL6 6SY£638,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1064 Windyridge, Bisley, GL6 7DA£198,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-05Washwell Cottage, Lower Washwell Lane, Painswick, GL6 6XW£360,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0512 Besbury Park, Minchinhampton, GL6 9EN£382,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-05Barleycorn Cottage, Coppice Hill, Chalford, GL6 8DZ£432,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0550 Lypiatt View, Bussage, GL6 8DA£205,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-055A Cherry Tree Close, Nailsworth, GL6 0DX£317,500New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-043 Penrose Close, Randwick, GL6 6JX£435,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-02Abbey Farm, The Vatch, Stroud, GL6 7LE£1,160,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-021 Churchill Way, Painswick, GL6 6RQ£220,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-02Priests House, Calfway Lane, Bisley, GL6 7AT£670,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-027 Stony Riding, Chalford Hill, GL6 8ED£255,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-01Greenhedges, The Plain, Whiteshill, GL6 6AB£330,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-01Wayside Cottage, Lower Street, Ruscombe, GL6 6BU£307,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-013 The Dye House, Longfords Mill, Minchinhampton, GL6 9LY£665,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-015 Tooke Road, Minchinhampton, GL6 9DA£380,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-01Linden House, Rockness Hill, Nailsworth, GL6 0JU£475,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-01Sunnyside, Worley, Nailsworth, GL6 0RD£670,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-283 The Retreat, Bell Pitch, GL6 6BS£249,950Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-28Hill Farm, Main Road, Whiteshill, GL6 6JS£350,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-28St Michaels Cottage, Oakridge Lynch, GL6 7NZ£325,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-28Worley Villas, France Lynch, GL6 8LZ£355,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-28Flat 23, Cecily Court, Cambridge Way, Minchinhampton, GL6 9DN£135,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-11-2825 West End, Minchinhampton, GL6 9JA£499,995Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2719 Eagle Close, Chalford, GL6 8FH£154,950Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-27The Cart House, Barton End, Horsley, GL6 0QG£245,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-2710 Abbenesse, Chalford Hill, GL6 8QR£265,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-2720 Highwood Drive, Nailsworth, GL6 0BJ£100,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-11-2616 Middle Tynings, Forest Green, GL6 0EG£165,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2638 Badgers Way, Nailsworth, GL6 0HE£132,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-26The Manse, Frampton Mansell, GL6 8JB£459,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-25La Corbiere, Newmarket Road, Nailsworth, GL6 0DQ£395,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-25Thyme Cottage, Box, GL6 9HB£460,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-21The East House, Lower Washwell Lane, Painswick, GL6 6XW£645,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-21Dial House, Sheepscombe, GL6 7RH£700,000Detached (freehold)

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2015.
© Crown copyright 2015.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.

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