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Property sales in MK10 7 postcode area, Milton Keynes

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the MK10 7 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Brinklow, Broughton, Kingston, Middleton (Milton Keynes Village), Monkston, Oakgrove, based on the records of the Land Registry

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2014-05-19151 Warwick Avenue, BroughtonMK10 7BY£33,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-05-13108 Countess Way, BroughtonMK10 7DX£162,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-3027 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FD£300,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-04-301 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£260,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-04-308 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£269,995New build terraced (freehold)
2014-04-144 Bala Lake Crescent, BroughtonMK10 7BB£400,000Detached (freehold)
2014-04-0436 Lavender Hill, BroughtonMK10 7AA£162,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-04-0139 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£245,000New build terraced (freehold)
2014-03-3138 Wenford, BroughtonMK10 7AL£141,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-03-31138 Newport Road, BroughtonMK10 7AP£295,000Detached (freehold)
2014-03-313 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£259,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-03-2831 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FG£225,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-03-2812 Bure Valley, BroughtonMK10 7DR£272,500Detached (freehold)
2014-03-2862 Trafalgar Drive, BrooklandsMK10 7ER£390,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-03-2833 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£228,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-03-2835 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£230,000New build terraced (freehold)
2014-03-1931 Somerset Walk, BroughtonMK10 7BZ£150,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-03-074 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£250,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-03-072 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£250,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-03-064 Bodmin Place, BroughtonMK10 7DP£290,000New build terraced (freehold)
2014-03-031 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£265,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-2840 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FJ£185,000New build terraced (freehold)
2014-02-2844 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FJ£180,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-02-2842 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FJ£180,000New build terraced (freehold)
2014-02-283 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£230,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-02-2846 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FJ£187,500New build terraced (freehold)
2014-02-2812 Primrose Lane, BroughtonMK10 7AX£282,000Detached (freehold)
2014-02-2818 Loughborough Drive, BroughtonMK10 7DZ£246,000Detached (freehold)
2014-02-2854 Trafalgar Drive, BrooklandsMK10 7ER£380,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-2860 Trafalgar Drive, BrooklandsMK10 7ER£380,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-21150 Countess Way, BroughtonMK10 7DX£165,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-02-2156 Trafalgar Drive, BrooklandsMK10 7ER£420,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-219 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£330,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-205 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£337,495New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-1452 Trafalgar Drive, BrooklandsMK10 7ER£380,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-127 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£309,995New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-1015 Armada Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£309,995New build detached (freehold)
2014-02-0725 Fen Street, BrooklandsMK10 7ES£265,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-01-305 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£250,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-01-277 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£264,995New build detached (freehold)
2014-01-172 Swithland, BroughtonMK10 7BA£227,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-01-15276 Countess Way, BroughtonMK10 7EW£250,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-12-2323 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FD£226,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2013-12-2044 Lavender Hill, BroughtonMK10 7AA£168,000New build flat (leasehold)
2013-12-2054 Wenford, BroughtonMK10 7AL£137,500Flat (leasehold)
2013-12-2074 Watercress Way, BroughtonMK10 7BF£33,750Flat (leasehold)
2013-12-2011 Douglas Walk, BroughtonMK10 7DF£305,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-202 Bodmin Place, BroughtonMK10 7DP£300,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-206 Bodmin Place, BroughtonMK10 7DP£300,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-208 Bodmin Place, BroughtonMK10 7DP£340,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-20280 Countess Way, BroughtonMK10 7DX£247,500New build terraced (freehold)
2013-12-20274 Countess Way, BroughtonMK10 7DX£250,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-12-20272 Countess Way, BroughtonMK10 7EW£247,500New build terraced (freehold)
2013-12-2045 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£318,995New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-2047 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£387,500New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-2013 Armarda Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£325,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-193 Whitehaven Close, BroughtonMK10 7AF£230,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2013-12-184 Poppy Avenue, BroughtonMK10 7AS£52,500Detached (leasehold)
2013-12-172 Strathspey Gate, BroughtonMK10 7DU£265,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-12-16153 Warwick Avenue, BroughtonMK10 7BY£33,000Flat (leasehold)
2013-12-1625 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FD£224,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2013-12-0549 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£294,495New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-0551 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£381,205New build detached (freehold)
2013-12-0211 Armarda Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£325,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-11-29248 Newport Road, BroughtonMK10 7AP£265,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-11-2957 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£314,995New build detached (freehold)
2013-11-2953 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£353,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-11-28Flat 4, Carinthia House, 31 Broughton Grounds Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FD£131,500Flat (leasehold)
2013-11-22148 Warwick Avenue, BroughtonMK10 7AZ£42,000Flat (leasehold)
2013-11-2259 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£235,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-11-2255 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£240,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-11-1923 Foxfield, BroughtonMK10 7BP£315,000Detached (freehold)
2013-11-1861 Highland Drive, BroughtonMK10 7FA£213,116New build detached (freehold)
2013-11-0842 Bluebell Gardens, BroughtonMK10 7EE£35,000Flat (leasehold)
2013-11-0710 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£170,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-11-04102 Warwick Avenue, BroughtonMK10 7AZ£42,000Flat (leasehold)
2013-11-0420 Churston, BroughtonMK10 7BH£215,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2013-11-0111 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£178,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-10-316 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£249,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2013-10-314 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£250,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2013-10-312 Lancastria Lane, BrooklandsMK10 7FE£244,995New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-28138 Warwick Avenue, BroughtonMK10 7AZ£230,000Terraced (freehold)
2013-10-2821 Launceston Drive, BroughtonMK10 7BS£57,000Terraced (leasehold)
2013-10-2546 Oxenhope Way, BroughtonMK10 7AE£250,000Flat (leasehold)
2013-10-2541 Haven Street, BroughtonMK10 7AQ£219,000Terraced (freehold)
2013-10-256 Causey Arch, BroughtonMK10 7AR£265,000Detached (freehold)
2013-10-25103 Newport Road, BrooklandsMK10 7EQ£299,995New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-258 Trafalgar Drive, BrooklandsMK10 7ER£399,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-2513 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£179,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2013-10-2341 Southwold Crescent, BroughtonMK10 7BW£365,540New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-219 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£178,000New build terraced (freehold)
2013-10-187 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£180,000New build semi-detached (freehold)
2013-10-1817 Armarda Avenue, BrooklandsMK10 7FG£329,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-1858 Watercress Way, BroughtonMK10 7BF£168,000Detached (freehold)
2013-10-1414 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£165,500New build terraced (freehold)
2013-10-1146 Lavender Hill, BroughtonMK10 7AA£163,000New build flat (leasehold)
2013-10-1157 Watercress Way, BroughtonMK10 7AJ£440,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-111 Swithland, BroughtonMK10 7BA£247,500Semi-detached (freehold)
2013-10-1069 Watercress Way, BroughtonMK10 7AJ£440,000New build detached (freehold)
2013-10-0412 Theseus Terrace, BrooklandsMK10 7FL£163,500New build terraced (freehold)

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period January 1995 to May 2014.
© Crown copyright 2014.

Page 1 of 12 (1,151 property sales)
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The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.

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