Property sales in WR5 postcode area, Worcester

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the WR5 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Worcester, based on the records of the Land Registry

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2015-02-207 Hillside, Kempsey, WR5 3LN£236,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-02-1324 Bevington Court, Crossley Road, Worcester, WR5 3GF£175,500Flat (leasehold)
2015-02-0943 Evendine Close, Worcester, WR5 2DB£325,000Detached (freehold)
2015-02-0639 Otter Lane, Worcester, WR5 3PQ£112,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-02-0624 Barbel Crescent, Worcester, WR5 3QU£315,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-301 Baynhall Oast Houses, Kempsey, WR5 3PA£338,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-3043 Windmill Lane, Kempsey, WR5 3LL£174,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-3037 Vincent Road, Worcester, WR5 1AZ£135,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-305 Chub Close, Worcester, WR5 3FG£245,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-3036 Peterborough Close, Worcester, WR5 1PW£160,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-28218 Bath Road, Worcester, WR5 3ER£155,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-278 Brookside, Kempsey, WR5 3LB£248,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-26110 Orchard Street, Worcester, WR5 3DY£155,600Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-269 Windrush Close, Worcester, WR5 1JZ£190,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-239 Upper Park Street, Worcester, WR5 1EX£193,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-2318 St Dunstans Crescent, Worcester, WR5 2AF£310,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-2340 Staplow Road, Worcester, WR5 2NA£180,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-231 Oxford Close, Worcester, WR5 1QS£167,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-1923 Humber Road, Worcester, WR5 1LY£124,950Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-1662 Kilbury Drive, Worcester, WR5 2NG£185,000Terraced (freehold)
2015-01-1321 Rona Gardens, Worcester, WR5 3UH£125,000Flat (freehold)
2015-01-1320 Perch Road, Broomhall, WR5 3AD£222,500Detached (freehold)
2015-01-096 Perch Road, Broomhall, WR5 3AD£238,250Detached (freehold)
2015-01-091 Foxes Hill, Kempsey, WR5 3QP£244,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-0984 Arundel Drive, Worcester, WR5 2HY£240,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-0643 Camp Hill Road, Worcester, WR5 2HE£225,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2015-01-0611 Battenhall Rise, Worcester, WR5 2DE£401,000Detached (freehold)
2015-01-0221 Diglis Court, Worcester, WR5 3BF£245,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-2415 St Wulstans Crescent, Worcester, WR5 1DQ£156,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-2212 St Wulstans Crescent, Worcester, WR5 1DQ£195,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-225 Wakefield Close, Worcester, WR5 1QR£100,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-2210 Squires Walk, Kempsey, WR5 3JB£185,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1950 Primrose Crescent, Worcester, WR5 3HT£250,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-193 Nunnery Lane, Worcester, WR5 1RG£455,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1913 Rounds Road, Worcester, WR5 1SU£335,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-1914 Perch Road, Broomhall, WR5 3AD£355,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1933 Chalmers Close, Worcester, WR5 1SX£300,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-1925 Chalmers Close, Worcester, WR5 1SX£340,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-192 Chalmers Close, Worcester, WR5 1SX£349,500New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-1992 Popert Drive, Worcester, WR5 1SY£209,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1982 Popert Drive, Worcester, WR5 1SY£210,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1984 Popert Drive, Worcester, WR5 1SY£210,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-191 Lancing Close, Worcester, WR5 2HT£175,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1919 Orchard Grove, Littleworth, WR5 2QH£236,250Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-196 Emperor Drive, Worcester, WR5 3TH£250,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1923 Exbury Place, Worcester, WR5 3TP£125,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-1891 Diglis Lane, Worcester, WR5 3DQ£165,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-18236 London Road, Worcester, WR5 2JJ£156,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1723 Cannon Street, Worcester, WR5 2ER£180,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1717 Hamilton Road, Worcester, WR5 1AG£124,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1733 Stanley Road, Worcester, WR5 1BB£195,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-171 Broomhall Green, Broomhall, WR5 2PG£227,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1614 Marten Croft, Worcester, WR5 3TJ£190,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1686 Popert Drive, Worcester, WR5 1SY£209,995New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-1640 St Dunstans Crescent, Worcester, WR5 2AF£227,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-169 Blagdon Close, St Peters, WR5 3PL£158,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1528 Sheringham Road, Worcester, WR5 3RA£300,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-157 Blakeney Close, Worcester, WR5 3RB£204,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1566 Barnes Way, Worcester, WR5 3AP£140,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-12Flat 10, Charlemont, Crookbarrow Road, Brockhill Village, WR5 2PA£107,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-124 Salamanca Drive, Brockhill Village, WR5 2PQ£293,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-1227 Chalmers Close, Worcester, WR5 1SX£367,500New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-12166 Medway Road, Ronkswood, WR5 1LL£160,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-12Apartment 8, Orchard Place, Orchard Street, Worcester, WR5 3DT£131,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-12208 Bath Road, Worcester, WR5 3ER£158,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-1081 Whitewood Way, Worcester, WR5 2LN£159,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-105 Portsmouth Close, Worcester, WR5 1RX£133,995Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-103 Green Hill Place, Worcester, WR5 2AB£145,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-10117 Battenhall Road, Worcester, WR5 2BU£345,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0915 Goodwood Avenue, Worcester, WR5 2HR£190,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-0873 Primrose Crescent, Worcester, WR5 3HQ£246,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-08252 Bath Road, Worcester, WR5 3ES£151,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0516 Old Road North, Kempsey, WR5 3JZ£348,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0510 Talavera Road, Brockhill Village, WR5 2SB£260,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0519 Stroma Avenue, Worcester, WR5 3PJ£165,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0518 Elmfield Gardens, Worcester, WR5 2HF£115,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-056 Whitewood Way, Worcester, WR5 2LN£152,000Terraced (leasehold)
2014-12-0521 Lundy Row, Worcester, WR5 3UD£229,950Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0515 Wells Road, Worcester, WR5 1NN£90,000Flat (leasehold)
2014-12-0520 Silverdale Avenue, Worcester, WR5 1PY£357,500Detached (freehold)
2014-12-0549 Linksview Crescent, Worcester, WR5 1JH£211,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-12-05172 Medway Road, Ronkswood, WR5 1LL£139,600Terraced (freehold)
2014-12-0322 Walkers Lane, Whittington, WR5 2SH£295,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-12-02Hatfield House, Hatfield, Norton, WR5 2PZ£525,000Detached (freehold)
2014-12-01Flat 2, 2 Battenhall Road, Worcester, WR5 2BH£390,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-286 Chalmers Close, Worcester, WR5 1SX£250,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-11-2851 Battenhall Road, Worcester, WR5 2BP£620,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-2848 Newtown Road, Worcester, WR5 1HJ£139,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-282 Livingstone Street, Worcester, WR5 2ES£110,500Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2837 Toulouse Drive, Brockhill Village, WR5 2SA£257,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-2832 Walkers Lane, Whittington, WR5 2SH£189,950New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2834 Walkers Lane, Whittington, WR5 2SH£189,950New build semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-2820 Norwich Road, Worcester, WR5 1NX£150,000Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-281 Rounds Road, Worcester, WR5 1SU£290,000New build detached (freehold)
2014-11-2713 Evendine Close, Worcester, WR5 2DB£320,000Detached (freehold)
2014-11-274 Sandpiper Close, Worcester, WR5 3SF£135,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-26Flat 37, Medina House, Diglis Dock Road, Worcester, WR5 3DD£172,500Flat (leasehold)
2014-11-252 Walnut Tree Mews, Worcester, WR5 1BU£235,000Terraced (freehold)
2014-11-2412 Mandalay Drive, Brockhill Village, WR5 2PL£189,950Semi-detached (freehold)
2014-11-217 Chalmers Close, Worcester, WR5 1SX£312,500New build detached (freehold)

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2015.
© Crown copyright 2015.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.

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