Dunstan Lane, nr Burton postcodes

There are 9 postcodes in this built up area

Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use

This table shows the first postcodes in the built up area, download the CSV file to get all the postcodes.

Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CH64 8TE53.278995-3.012529332584376258SJ325762Yes
CH64 8TJ53.272465-3.019062332138375537SJ321755Yes
CH64 8TL53.277343-3.015444332387376076SJ323760Yes
CH64 8TN53.274304-3.018671332167375741SJ321757Yes
CH64 8TQ53.277698-3.013863332493376114SJ324761Yes
L64 8TD53.279361-3.013797332500376299SJ325762No
L64 8TE53.279361-3.013797332500376299SJ325762No
L64 8TJ53.277551-3.015254332400376099SJ324760No
L64 8TL53.277551-3.015254332400376099SJ324760No