Well Hill postcodes

There are 12 postcodes in the built up area of Well Hill. The area contains approximately 82 households with a population of about 214 (2011 census)

Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use

This table shows the first postcodes in the built up area, download the CSV file to get all the postcodes.

Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BR6 7PJ51.3544990.145325549480163898TQ494638Yes
BR6 7PL51.3572190.148528549694164207TQ496642Yes
BR6 7PN51.3550390.14528549475163958TQ494639Yes
BR6 7PP51.3530370.150054549814163745TQ498637Yes
BR6 7PR51.356010.148771549715164073TQ497640Yes
BR6 7PS51.3550140.147647549640163960TQ496639Yes
BR6 7PT51.358250.151174549875164327TQ498643Yes
BR6 7PU51.3592580.150117549798164437TQ497644Yes
BR6 7PW51.3569650.146733549570164175TQ495641Yes
BR6 7QG51.3574660.152231549951164242TQ499642Yes
BR6 7QJ51.3512120.148017549678163538TQ496635Yes
BR6 7QQ51.3578430.152778549988164285TQ499642Yes