Newton Kyme cum Toulston parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Newton Kyme cum Toulston parish. Newton Kyme cum Toulston contains approximately 88 households with a population of about 243 (2011 census)

Code: E04007759
Part of: Selby
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LS24 9FA53.898899-1.318137444903444963SE449449Yes
LS24 9FB53.898688-1.317455444948444940SE449449Yes
LS24 9FF53.899031-1.319337444824444977SE448449Yes
LS24 9FH53.899477-1.320319444759445026SE447450Yes
LS24 9FJ53.899852-1.318213444897445069SE448450Yes
LS24 9FN53.900252-1.319119444837445113SE448451Yes
LS24 9FP53.89839-1.318708444866444906SE448449Yes
LS24 9LR53.898252-1.294797446437444906SE464449Yes
LS24 9LS53.899042-1.297787446240444992SE462449Yes
LS24 9LU53.899-1.318526444877444974SE448449No
LS24 9LX53.897805-1.317028444977444842SE449448Yes
LS24 9LY53.893027-1.311258445361444314SE453443Yes
LS24 9LZ53.893452-1.305484445740444365SE457443Yes
LS24 9NA53.879599-1.308254445573442822SE455428Yes
LS24 9NB53.877491-1.307406445631442588SE456425Yes
LS24 9TD53.899036-1.29832446205444991SE462449Yes
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