Delphi CD Components

This is my Delphi CD component library. It allows you to query the currently inserted CD, query the FreeDB server and interface with an Access database. Along with the components, there is a simple demo CD player. The chances are that this code will only compile with Delphi 7. The following components are included

TCDInfo class

A class to get information about the currently inserted audio CD and also play it. Provides more control than the TMediaPlayer component and is also useful if you want to understand MCI.

TCDDBConnect class

A component to get information from the FreeDB database about the currently inserted audio CD. Requires the TCDInfo class and the Indy component library (which comes with Delphi these days I believe).

TCDDatabase class

This provides an easy-to-use interface onto an Access database that contains CD related information, obtained from CDDB. Requires TCDDBConnect and TCDInfo components. Requires some performance tuning.


This ZIP file contains these three classes and the demo.

To Do

  • Cope with multiple CD drives
  • Submit entries to FreeDB