Delphi CD Components for .NET

I've started to translate some of my CD components and here they are, but they are still a work in progress. Here's what I've got so far

TCDInfo class

Gets information about the currently inserted CD. Now copes with multiple CD drives

TFreeDBEntry class

Holds FreeDB information about a CD

TFreeDBConnect class

Talks to the FreeDB server to get track information about CDs. It's not complete but should work if an exact match or multiple matches are found

TCDDatabase class

A database of CDs. Uses .NET serialization to save and load to an XML file


The XSL used by the TCDDatabase class when generating HTML


A crappy CD player demo that plays CDs, connects to FreeDB and gets information about the currently inserted CD and adds it to the CD database


This ZIP file contains all these classes and the demo.

To Do

  • Cope with multiple CD drives
  • Submit entries to FreeDB