Hazelwood postcodes

There are 9 postcodes in this built up area

Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use

This table shows the first postcodes in the built up area, download the CSV file to get all the postcodes.

Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
TN14 7QS51.3328960.074534544619161354TQ446613Yes
TN14 7QU51.3344350.074475544610161525TQ446615Yes
TN14 7QX51.3347060.073424544536161553TQ445615Yes
TN14 7QY51.3359650.075907544705161698TQ447616Yes
TN14 7RA51.3358640.077008544782161689TQ447616Yes
TN14 7RB51.3382840.080004544983161964TQ449619Yes
TN14 7RD51.3397730.08076545031162131TQ450621Yes
TN14 7RE51.3390190.081688545098162049TQ450620Yes
TN14 7RF51.3386630.081485545085162009TQ450620Yes