.NET Resource Explorer

This tool will let you see what resources have been compiled into your .NET assembly. This can be useful to find out the names that have been given to resources if you need to programmatically extract them or if you want to explore the resources in other people's assemblies.

It's not possible to open a 32-bit assembly from a 64-bit application and vice versa, so there are two versions of the application depending on your needs.

.NET resource explorer

Download the 32-bit application (requires .NET Framework 4.0)

Download the 64-bit application (requires .NET Framework 4.0)

Download the source code (requires Visual Studio 2010)

Change History - Added support for JPEG files - Better support for assemblies that reference other assemblies and added support for image lists - Added scrollbar to the text viewer - Added ability to copy images and export all images from an assembly - Initial release