This page provides postcode data for the E00112979 Census Output Area (OA). E00112979 contains approximately 153 households with a population of about 345 (2011 census)

Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use
Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
GL15 6BN51.71573-2.552234361945202033SO619020Yes
GL15 6BX51.715395-2.551867361970201996SO619019Yes
GL15 6BY51.715299-2.553052361888201986SO618019Yes
GL15 6BZ51.714624-2.553334361868201911SO618019Yes
GL15 6DA51.714847-2.553582361851201936SO618019Yes
GL15 6DB51.715414-2.555399361726202000SO617019Yes
GL15 6DD51.715607-2.55459361782202021SO617020Yes
GL15 6DE51.713998-2.554498361787201842SO617018Yes
GL15 6DN51.710184-2.554929361754201418SO617014Yes
GL15 6DW51.711702-2.566425360961201593SO609015Yes
GL15 6DZ51.713904-2.554252361804201831SO618018Yes
GL15 6HY51.713632-2.55584361694201802SO616018Yes
GL15 6ST51.711093-2.557359361587201520SO615015Yes

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