This page provides postcode data for the E00138707 Census Output Area (OA). E00138707 contains approximately 137 households with a population of about 346 (2011 census)

Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use
Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NN13 5AZ52.030252-1.146336458663237215SP586372No
NN13 5BD52.032282-1.14484458763237442SP587374No
NN13 5DS52.030984-1.145623458711237297SP587372No
NN13 5UB52.032799-1.144291458800237500SP587374No
NN13 6BN52.031932-1.14868458500237400SP585373No
NN13 6DX52.032578-1.14482458764237475SP587374Yes
NN13 6ED52.031553-1.147303458595237359SP585373Yes
NN13 6EE52.03213-1.147408458587237423SP585374Yes
NN13 6FY52.02988-1.148207458535237172SP585371Yes
NN13 6JU52.029956-1.147712458569237181SP585371Yes
NN13 6PH52.032273-1.144855458762237441SP587374Yes
NN13 7AZ52.030243-1.146351458662237214SP586372Yes
NN13 7DS52.030171-1.146382458660237206SP586372Yes

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