This page provides postcode data for the E00171494 Census Output Area (OA). E00171494 contains approximately 207 households with a population of about 490 (2011 census)

Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use
Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
E10 5AN51.571568-0.013915537738187724TQ377877Yes
E10 5AP51.571114-0.014743537682187672TQ376876Yes
E10 5AU51.570551-0.013225537789187612TQ377876Yes
E10 5AW51.57117-0.014351537709187679TQ377876No
E10 5BE51.570762-0.013575537764187635TQ377876No
E10 5BG51.570762-0.013575537764187635TQ377876No
E10 5BH51.571261-0.013352537778187691TQ377876Yes
E10 5BJ51.571002-0.013278537784187662TQ377876Yes
E10 5BQ51.570828-0.014294537714187641TQ377876Yes
E10 5GJ51.571438-0.013533537765187710TQ377877Yes
E10 5GN51.571172-0.014309537712187679TQ377876Yes

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