Sauchie - 01

This page provides postcode data for the Sauchie - 01 Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOA). Sauchie - 01 contains approximately 190 households with a population of about 512 (2011 census)

Code: S01007454
Key Active postcodeActive postcode Postcode no longer in usePostcode no longer in use
Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
FK10 3AU56.132557-3.741479291861694681NS918946Yes
FK10 3AX56.130611-3.773225289883694514NS898945Yes
FK10 3AZ56.124507-3.755778290950693807NS909938Yes
FK10 3BA56.123285-3.770234290048693694NS900936Yes
FK10 3LL56.128969-3.766794290278694321NS902943Yes
FK10 3PA56.127764-3.769973290077694192NS900941Yes
FK10 3PB56.127326-3.764177290436694134NS904941Yes
FK10 3PD56.12747-3.766033290321694153NS903941Yes
FK10 3PE56.12758-3.767808290211694168NS902941Yes
FK10 3PF56.128254-3.769657290098694246NS900942Yes
FK10 3PG56.127794-3.769186290126694194NS901941Yes
FK10 3PH56.128579-3.767018290263694278NS902942Yes
FK10 3PJ56.127824-3.76642290298694193NS902941Yes
FK10 3PS56.116815-3.760816290615692959NS906929Yes
FK10 3PU56.113635-3.749364291318692587NS913925Yes
FK10 3SJ56.119285-3.776613289640693259NS896932No

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