Humbleton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Humbleton parish. Humbleton contains approximately 83 households with a population of about 205 (2011 census)

Code: E04000419
Part of: East Riding of Yorkshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
HU11 4NB53.805994-0.148855522000436000TA219360No
HU11 4ND53.799023-0.164939520961435197TA209351Yes
HU11 4NE53.805945-0.153292521708435987TA217359Yes
HU11 4NF53.806172-0.152264521775436014TA217360Yes
HU11 4NG53.807723-0.148879521993436192TA219361Yes
HU11 4NH53.794946-0.145176522274434777TA222347Yes
HU11 4NJ53.794169-0.138545522713434702TA227347Yes
HU11 4NL53.792544-0.137726522772434523TA227345Yes
HU11 4NN53.791386-0.137059522819434395TA228343Yes
HU11 4NP53.791985-0.137022522820434462TA228344Yes
HU11 4NQ53.809275-0.145976522180436370TA221363Yes
HU11 4NR53.792885-0.137104522812434562TA228345Yes
HU11 4NS53.796297-0.129674523291434954TA232349Yes
HU11 4NW53.790633-0.137183522813434311TA228343Yes
HU12 8SR53.782571-0.156094521591433382TA215333Yes
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