Graveley parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Graveley parish. Graveley contains approximately 85 households with a population of about 232 (2011 census)

Code: E04001790
Part of: South Cambridgeshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
PE18 9PH52.261593-0.166647525221264186TL252641No
PE18 9PJ52.261067-0.166918525204264127TL252641No
PE18 9PL52.259757-0.170577524958263975TL249639No
PE18 9PN52.260256-0.169692525017264032TL250640No
PE18 9PP52.263233-0.176119524570264352TL245643No
PE18 9PS52.258097-0.177195524511263779TL245637No
PE18 9PT52.260169-0.171073524923264020TL249640No
PE18 9PW52.260641-0.171947524862264071TL248640No
PE19 6PH52.261575-0.166619525223264184TL252641Yes
PE19 6PJ52.261059-0.166962525201264126TL252641Yes
PE19 6PL52.259768-0.170679524951263976TL249639Yes
PE19 6PN52.260131-0.169785525011264018TL250640Yes
PE19 6PP52.262821-0.176239524563264306TL245643Yes
PE19 6PS52.258106-0.177194524511263780TL245637Yes
PE19 6PT52.260188-0.171101524921264022TL249640Yes
PE19 6PW52.260789-0.171633524883264088TL248640Yes
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