Silton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Silton parish. Silton contains approximately 58 households with a population of about 127 (2011 census)

Code: E04003436
Part of: Dorset
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SP8 5AE51.064379-2.303779378809129493ST788294Yes
SP8 5AF51.077176-2.298914379156130915ST791309Yes
SP8 5AG51.072132-2.301922378943130355ST789303Yes
SP8 5AH51.073561-2.309396378420130516ST784305Yes
SP8 5AJ51.077904-2.312694378191131000ST781309Yes
SP8 5AQ51.072405-2.305202378713130386ST787303Yes
SP8 5DF51.074742-2.315694377979130649ST779306Yes
SP8 5DG51.07366-2.312722378187130528ST781305Yes
SP8 5DQ51.07083-2.308136378507130212ST785302Yes
SP8 5FJ51.074636-2.31508378022130637ST780306Yes
SP8 5JB51.06854-2.324886377332129962ST773299Yes
SP8 5PN51.070911-2.314987378027130223ST780302Yes
SP8 5PP51.069916-2.313967378098130112ST780301Yes
SP8 5PR51.063739-2.313569378123129425ST781294Yes
SP8 5PS51.06424-2.3145378058129481ST780294Yes
SP8 5PW51.071443-2.315458377994130282ST779302Yes
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