Iford parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Iford parish. Iford contains approximately 84 households with a population of about 210 (2011 census)

Code: E04003775
Part of: Lewes
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BN7 3EH50.847703-0.005808540484107248TQ404072Yes
BN7 3EJ50.848361-0.003237540663107326TQ406073Yes
BN7 3EL50.848373-0.00345540648107327TQ406073Yes
BN7 3EN50.848704-0.001234540803107368TQ408073Yes
BN7 3EP50.8472621.2E-05540895107210TQ408072Yes
BN7 3ER50.8472020.000847540954107205TQ409072Yes
BN7 3ES50.8460740.00239541066107082TQ410070Yes
BN7 3ET50.8459610.001618541012107068TQ410070Yes
BN7 3EU50.8464860.000149540907107124TQ409071Yes
BN7 3EW50.8477630.000161540904107266TQ409072Yes
BN7 3FD50.852991-0.012971539964107822TQ399078Yes
BN7 3JB50.8458780.001189540982107058TQ409070Yes
BN7 3JD50.848142-0.004141540600107300TQ406072No
BN7 3PE50.850798-0.013263539950107578TQ399075Yes
BN7 3PF50.852202-0.0112540091107738TQ400077Yes
BN7 3PG50.851809-0.011898540043107693TQ400076Yes
BN7 3PJ50.85196-0.008894540254107715TQ402077Yes
BN7 3PL50.848638-0.007388540370107349TQ403073Yes
BN7 3PQ50.851688-0.012713539986107678TQ399076Yes
BN7 3PR50.8633140.008998541479109012TQ414090Yes
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