Rodmell parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Rodmell parish. Rodmell contains approximately 189 households with a population of about 477 (2011 census)

Code: E04003784
Part of: Lewes
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BN7 3EX50.8401160.002604541099106420TQ410064Yes
BN7 3EY50.8409180.004385541222106513TQ412065Yes
BN7 3EZ50.8357840.012673541821105958TQ418059Yes
BN7 3HA50.8357120.013223541860105951TQ418059Yes
BN7 3HB50.835320.015081541992105911TQ419059Yes
BN7 3HD50.8348470.014848541977105858TQ419058Yes
BN7 3HE50.8368070.013824541899106074TQ418060Yes
BN7 3HF50.8387330.016095542053106292TQ420062Yes
BN7 3HG50.8397850.01587542034106409TQ420064Yes
BN7 3HH50.8389590.015991542045106317TQ420063Yes
BN7 3HJ50.8385750.015619542020106274TQ420062Yes
BN7 3HL50.8385960.015989542046106277TQ420062Yes
BN7 3HN50.837890.016726542100106200TQ421061No
BN7 3HP50.8368320.017106542130106083TQ421060Yes
BN7 3HQ50.8394230.014974541972106367TQ419063Yes
BN7 3HR50.8371370.01631542073106115TQ420061Yes
BN7 3HS50.8337610.011052541713105730TQ417057Yes
BN7 3HT50.834530.011312541729105816TQ417058Yes
BN7 3HU50.8331770.008953541567105661TQ415056Yes
BN7 3HW50.8378590.01698542118106197TQ421061Yes
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