St. John (Without) parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the St. John (Without) parish. St. John (Without) contains approximately 25 households with a population of about 54 (2011 census)

Code: E04003786
Part of: Lewes
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BN7 3AW50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3BE50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3BG50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3DY50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3EQ50.897188-0.030288538614112704TQ386127No
BN7 3JG50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3LP50.897188-0.030288538614112704TQ386127No
BN7 3LT50.897188-0.030288538614112704TQ386127No
BN7 3NY50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3PW50.897188-0.030288538614112704TQ386127No
BN7 3PY50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN7 3QJ50.909897-0.026637538833114124TQ388141Yes
BN7 3QL50.905184-0.03173538489113590TQ384135Yes
BN7 3QN50.897813-0.031129538553112772TQ385127Yes
BN7 3QQ50.912938-0.024375538983114466TQ389144Yes
BN7 3ZJ50.897187-0.030274538615112704TQ386127No
BN8 4PT50.919293-0.019125539333115183TQ393151Yes
BN8 4QB50.926167-0.01502539601115955TQ396159Yes
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