Mundon parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Mundon parish. Mundon contains approximately 147 households with a population of about 386 (2011 census)

Code: E04004058
Part of: Maldon
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CM3 6LG51.6767610.710129587475201032TL874010Yes
CM9 6NS51.6822140.703785587014201622TL870016Yes
CM9 6NT51.6818380.695502586443201559TL864015Yes
CM9 6NU51.684250.707812587284201859TL872018Yes
CM9 6NX51.6851310.702078586884201942TL868019Yes
CM9 6NY51.7049770.729403588690204219TL886042Yes
CM9 6NZ51.6994170.745307589812203642TL898036Yes
CM9 6PA51.6940940.709645587370202958TL873029Yes
CM9 6PB51.6918470.703361586945202692TL869026Yes
CM9 6PD51.689910.705054587070202481TL870024Yes
CM9 6PJ51.6987710.710808587431203481TL874034Yes
CM9 6PL51.7020830.698196586546203817TL865038Yes
CM9 6PN51.703720.699379586621204002TL866040Yes
CM9 6PQ51.6894090.704938587064202425TL870024Yes
CM9 6PR51.6962730.700557586733203177TL867031Yes
CM9 6PS51.6944070.692892586211202950TL862029Yes
CM9 6PU51.6864450.70479587066202095TL870020Yes
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