Steeple parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Steeple parish. Steeple contains approximately 186 households with a population of about 446 (2011 census)

Code: E04004063
Part of: Maldon
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CM0 7JY51.6936190.801178593697203144TL936031Yes
CM0 7LE51.6909420.804442593934202855TL939028Yes
CM0 7LF51.6930840.802852593815203089TL938030Yes
CM0 7LG51.6928710.801233593704203061TL937030Yes
CM0 7LJ51.6944290.80978594288203257TL942032Yes
CM0 7LQ51.7061840.806412594005204555TL940045Yes
CM0 7LX51.6921640.795053593280202966TL932029Yes
CM0 7NU51.7167220.794049593106205694TL931056Yes
CM0 7RH51.6922350.799992593621202987TL936029Yes
CM0 7RJ51.691760.798053593489202929TL934029Yes
CM0 7RL51.6920360.79477593261202951TL932029Yes
CM0 7RN51.6913530.792471593105202869TL931028Yes
CM0 7RP51.6902550.791678593055202745TL930027Yes
CM0 7RR51.6854820.787074592757202202TL927022Yes
CM0 7RS51.6925720.790316592951202999TL929029Yes
CM0 7RT51.6892030.790602592985202625TL929026Yes
CM0 7RU51.6919890.794449593239202945TL932029Yes
CM0 7RW51.6911650.792416593102202848TL931028Yes
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