Stalisfield parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Stalisfield parish. Stalisfield contains approximately 94 households with a population of about 213 (2011 census)

Code: E04005072
Part of: Swale
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
ME13 0BP51.2599530.808239596035154945TQ960549Yes
ME13 0BS51.2593720.794526595081154844TQ950548Yes
ME13 0HN51.2533750.808009596047154213TQ960542Yes
ME13 0HS51.2545430.822971597086154383TQ970543Yes
ME13 0HU51.2492770.80035595530153737TQ955537Yes
ME13 0HW51.2511680.802902595700153954TQ957539Yes
ME13 0HX51.2461460.800017595520153388TQ955533Yes
ME13 0HY51.24030.798487595438152734TQ954527Yes
ME13 0HZ51.2388470.797969595408152571TQ954525Yes
ME13 0JA51.2391910.797875595400152609TQ954526Yes
ME13 0JE51.243840.80125595616153135TQ956531Yes
ME13 0JF51.2416580.808597596138152912TQ961529Yes
ME13 0JG51.2371920.817826596801152440TQ968524Yes
ME13 0JH51.2424660.829596597600153058TQ975530Yes
ME13 0JJ51.2354060.832188597811152280TQ978522Yes
ME13 0JQ51.2348910.806122595994152153TQ959521Yes
TN27 0HH51.2312590.791806595010151711TQ950517Yes
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