Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck parish. Little Eccleston-with-Larbreck contains approximately 191 households with a population of about 416 (2011 census)

Code: E04005167
Part of: Fylde
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
FY6 8ND53.85101-2.918675339663439810SD396398Yes
FY6 8NE53.845677-2.919106339627439218SD396392Yes
PR3 0BZ53.859673-2.880028342217440742SD422407Yes
PR3 0DP53.856057-2.886474341788440345SD417403Yes
PR3 0PT53.860656-2.881315342134440852SD421408Yes
PR3 0XR53.858633-2.900334340880440643SD408406Yes
PR3 0XS53.856296-2.916947339784440397SD397403Yes
PR3 0YF53.851751-2.893153341343439871SD413398Yes
PR3 0YP53.858414-2.881861342095440603SD420406Yes
PR3 0YQ53.856398-2.88226342066440380SD420403Yes
PR3 0YR53.851239-2.893096341346439814SD413398Yes
PR3 0YX53.856826-2.880262342198440425SD421404Yes
PR3 0YY53.857931-2.881547342115440549SD421405Yes
PR3 0YZ53.857469-2.883286342000440500SD419404No
PR3 0ZP53.86008-2.881501342121440789SD421407Yes
PR3 0ZQ53.8563-2.888156341678440373SD416403Yes
PR3 0ZR53.85506-2.895367341202440241SD412402Yes
PR3 0ZT53.858504-2.88311342013440615SD420406Yes
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