Little Sutton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Little Sutton parish. Little Sutton contains approximately 49 households with a population of about 129 (2011 census)

Code: E04005860
Part of: South Holland
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
PE12 9AJ52.7632410.146016544899320563TF448205Yes
PE12 9AN52.7605320.144668544817320259TF448202Yes
PE12 9EG52.7790450.152072545255322333TF452223Yes
PE12 9EL52.780760.15318545324322526TF453225Yes
PE12 9EQ52.778050.146894544909322212TF449222Yes
PE12 9FH52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
PE12 9FQ52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9FZ52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9GA52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
PE12 9GD52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9GE52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9LT52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
PE12 9QW52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9TG52.7828470.153077545310322758TF453227No
PE12 9TH52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
PE12 9TJ52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9TL52.7850120.153154545308322999TF453229No
PE12 9TQ52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
PE12 9TS52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
PE12 9UW52.7828560.153092545311322759TF453227No
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