Sedgebrook parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Sedgebrook parish. Sedgebrook contains approximately 134 households with a population of about 347 (2011 census)

Code: E04005937
Part of: South Kesteven
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NG13 0GW52.927289-0.759814483467337373SK834373Yes
NG32 2EJ52.941034-0.729183485499338938SK854389Yes
NG32 2EL52.933015-0.730876485401338044SK854380Yes
NG32 2EN52.93163-0.730812485408337890SK854378Yes
NG32 2EP52.930294-0.729453485502337743SK855377Yes
NG32 2ER52.930515-0.72406485864337774SK858377Yes
NG32 2ES52.931054-0.727392485639337830SK856378Yes
NG32 2EU52.932774-0.724262485846338025SK858380Yes
NG32 2EW52.932056-0.728583485557337940SK855379Yes
NG32 2EX52.9335-0.723214485915338107SK859381Yes
NG32 2EY52.932033-0.72473485816337942SK858379Yes
NG32 2EZ52.931412-0.751811483997337841SK839378Yes
NG32 2FA52.927464-0.753367483900337400SK839373No
NG32 2FB52.932769-0.72883485539338019SK855380Yes
NG32 2HA52.936351-0.755597483733338386SK837383Yes
NG32 2HF52.931524-0.728479485565337881SK855378Yes
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