Kettlethorpe parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Kettlethorpe parish. Kettlethorpe contains approximately 194 households with a population of about 442 (2011 census)

Code: E04006007
Part of: West Lindsey
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LN1 2BD53.273999-0.744254483837375959SK838759Yes
LN1 2ER53.278289-0.7318484659376451SK846764Yes
LN1 2GZ53.273041-0.730201484776375869SK847758Yes
LN1 2JJ53.25873-0.69664487043374317SK870743Yes
LN1 2JU53.270683-0.747845483604375586SK836755Yes
LN1 2JW53.257678-0.73187484695374158SK846741Yes
LN1 2JX53.272528-0.748931483528375790SK835757Yes
LN1 2JY53.27175-0.74504483789375708SK837757Yes
LN1 2JZ53.273529-0.745768483737375905SK837759Yes
LN1 2LA53.274686-0.746349483696376033SK836760Yes
LN1 2LB53.276939-0.749447483485376280SK834762Yes
LN1 2LD53.259099-0.719056485547374331SK855743Yes
LN1 2LE53.266866-0.733398484575375178SK845751Yes
LN1 2LF53.273221-0.716024485721375906SK857759Yes
LN1 2LG53.271503-0.746307483705375679SK837756Yes
LN1 2LQ53.27083-0.746387483701375604SK837756Yes
LN1 2QX53.273521-0.744148483845375906SK838759Yes
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