Alby with Thwaite parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Alby with Thwaite parish. Alby with Thwaite contains approximately 91 households with a population of about 221 (2011 census)

Code: E04006384
Part of: North Norfolk
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NR11 7HA52.846991.280322620992332762TG209327Yes
NR11 7HB52.8531321.273458620499333424TG204334Yes
NR11 7HD52.8621561.270426620249334418TG202344Yes
NR11 7HE52.8544981.265345619946333551TG199335Yes
NR11 7HF52.8551581.272719620439333647TG204336Yes
NR11 7HG52.8517941.290995621686333329TG216333Yes
NR11 7HQ52.8500271.292076621768333136TG217331Yes
NR11 7PH52.8616511.253757619130334311TG191343Yes
NR11 7PJ52.86131.256732619332334281TG193342Yes
NR11 7PL52.8602911.257477619387334171TG193341Yes
NR11 7PN52.8584321.251778619013333947TG190339Yes
NR11 7PP52.8543121.255406619278333500TG192335Yes
NR11 7PQ52.859371.255967619290334064TG192340Yes
NR11 7PR52.8538531.263291619811333473TG198334Yes
NR11 7PS52.8510591.262516619773333160TG197331Yes
NR11 7QG52.8448791.26525619988332481TG199324Yes
NR11 7QH52.8494621.248953618868332941TG188329Yes
NR11 7QQ52.8447081.254126619240332428TG192324Yes
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