Baconsthorpe parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Baconsthorpe parish. Baconsthorpe contains approximately 91 households with a population of about 215 (2011 census)

Code: E04006389
Part of: North Norfolk
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NR25 6AB52.8902111.155962612409337193TG124371Yes
NR25 6LE52.8918611.143919611591337341TG115373Yes
NR25 6LF52.8894361.148561611915337085TG119370Yes
NR25 6LG52.8891811.153434612244337071TG122370Yes
NR25 6LH52.8897311.152002612145337128TG121371Yes
NR25 6LJ52.8877871.154775612341336920TG123369Yes
NR25 6LL52.890481.158392612571337230TG125372Yes
NR25 6LP52.8909911.163811612933337303TG129373Yes
NR25 6LQ52.8829951.150012612044336373TG120363Yes
NR25 6LR52.8879481.159887612684336953TG126369Yes
NR25 6LS52.8878061.159832612681336937TG126369Yes
NR25 6LT52.8867021.159736612680336814TG126368Yes
NR25 6LU52.8850481.166098613116336649TG131366Yes
NR25 6LW52.8913381.162321612831337337TG128373Yes
NR25 6LX52.887481.172091613507336937TG135369Yes
NR25 6NB52.8914931.171997613481337383TG134373Yes
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