Colby parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Colby parish. Colby contains approximately 202 households with a population of about 493 (2011 census)

Code: E04006403
Part of: North Norfolk
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NR11 7AB52.8215841.292284621927329974TG219299Yes
NR11 7DJ52.8117911.279566621120328846TG211288Yes
NR11 7DL52.8174421.276221620866329464TG208294Yes
NR11 7DP52.8123291.288096621692328932TG216289Yes
NR11 7DR52.8083431.29758622351328518TG223285Yes
NR11 7DS52.8133511.299562622459329081TG224290Yes
NR11 7DT52.8118961.303337622721328931TG227289Yes
NR11 7DU52.8144331.301737622600329208TG226292Yes
NR11 7DX52.8156591.309371623108329368TG231293Yes
NR11 7DY52.8183731.289028621724329607TG217296Yes
NR11 7DZ52.816861.286197621541329430TG215294No
NR11 7EA52.8195081.300322622479329768TG224297Yes
NR11 7EB52.8224871.304749622762330113TG227301Yes
NR11 7ED52.8266111.288389621639330521TG216305Yes
NR11 7EE52.8327871.295285622072331229TG220312Yes
NR11 7EF52.8373441.298289622251331745TG222317Yes
NR11 7HH52.8459941.297745622170332705TG221327Yes
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