Wood Norton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Wood Norton parish. Wood Norton contains approximately 87 households with a population of about 217 (2011 census)

Code: E04006503
Part of: North Norfolk
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NR20 5AR52.8110990.98363601184327900TG011279Yes
NR20 5AX52.811430.972239600415327905TG004279Yes
NR20 5AY52.8140940.971798600373328200TG003282Yes
NR20 5AZ52.8149550.976918600714328310TG007283Yes
NR20 5BA52.8128580.98445601231328098TG012280Yes
NR20 5BB52.8109560.981438601037327878TG010278Yes
NR20 5BD52.8096960.982512601115327741TG011277Yes
NR20 5BE52.8098280.986244601366327766TG013277Yes
NR20 5BF52.8194880.980422600929328824TG009288Yes
NR20 5BG52.8096020.995563601995327767TG019277Yes
NR20 5BJ52.816710.981478601013328518TG010285Yes
NR20 5BL52.8201830.979265600848328898TG008288Yes
NR20 5BN52.8269280.988147601415329673TG014296Yes
NR20 5BQ52.8098590.997139602100327800TG021277No
NR20 5BW52.8303080.991821601647330059TG016300Yes
NR20 5DH52.8177920.992774601769328670TG017286Yes
NR20 5UA52.8111510.986201601357327913TG013279Yes
NR20 5UB52.8112420.986504601377327924TG013279Yes
NR20 5WG52.8112420.986504601377327924TG013279No
NR20 5WH52.8112420.986504601377327924TG013279No
NR20 5WX52.8112420.986504601377327924TG013279No
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