Shelton and Hardwick parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Shelton and Hardwick parish. Shelton and Hardwick contains approximately 109 households with a population of about 293 (2011 census)

Code: E04006593
Part of: South Norfolk
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
NR15 2AB52.4624741.270366622264289977TM222899Yes
NR15 2AQ52.4645351.303326624492290308TM244903Yes
NR15 2SB52.4721251.264808621838291033TM218910Yes
NR15 2SD52.4725951.269138622130291099TM221910Yes
NR15 2SE52.4732071.276282622612291189TM226911Yes
NR15 2SF52.4669981.279139622837290507TM228905Yes
NR15 2SG52.4670591.28309623105290526TM231905Yes
NR15 2SH52.4631271.29415623876290123TM238901Yes
NR15 2SJ52.4639971.284202623196290189TM231901Yes
NR15 2SL52.4609621.286288623353289858TM233898Yes
NR15 2SN52.4637171.273103622444290124TM224901Yes
NR15 2SP52.4650771.271069622299290269TM222902Yes
NR15 2SQ52.4671651.291581623681290564TM236905Yes
NR15 2SR52.4605291.26739622072289752TM220897Yes
NR15 2SS52.4606891.266287621996289766TM219897Yes
NR15 2ST52.4583631.26747622088289511TM220895Yes
NR15 2SU52.4564691.268654622178289304TM221893Yes
NR15 2SW52.4642811.27396622499290189TM224901Yes
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