Middleton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Middleton parish. Middleton contains approximately 172 households with a population of about 421 (2011 census)

Code: E04006628
Part of: North Northamptonshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LE16 8TL52.501691-0.760289484250290032SP842900Yes
LE16 8TQ52.502725-0.762926484069290144SP840901Yes
LE16 8YB52.491672-0.763562484047288914SP840889Yes
LE16 8YJ52.501051-0.7662483850289954SP838899Yes
LE16 8YP52.502295-0.766594483821290092SP838900Yes
LE16 8YR52.499722-0.762878484078289810SP840898Yes
LE16 8YS52.501313-0.764557483961289985SP839899Yes
LE16 8YT52.502116-0.764844483940290074SP839900Yes
LE16 8YU52.501142-0.762882484075289968SP840899Yes
LE16 8YW52.501762-0.76285484076290037SP840900Yes
LE16 8YX52.499702-0.765265483916289805SP839898Yes
LE16 8YY52.502352-0.765117483921290100SP839900Yes
LE16 8YZ52.499612-0.764443483972289796SP839897Yes
LE16 8ZB52.502809-0.765843483871290150SP838901Yes
LE16 8ZZ52.499659-0.765502483900289800SP838897No
NN17 2UH52.487284-0.742198485506288451SP855884Yes
NN17 2UQ52.492115-0.734694486006288997SP860889Yes
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