Wicken parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Wicken parish. Wicken contains approximately 129 households with a population of about 304 (2011 census)

Code: E04006870
Part of: South Northamptonshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
MK19 6BN52.049449-0.915769474449239561SP744395Yes
MK19 6BP52.048601-0.911531474741239471SP747394Yes
MK19 6BS52.047966-0.910683474800239401SP748394Yes
MK19 6BT52.047724-0.914935474509239370SP745393Yes
MK19 6BU52.048463-0.914159474561239453SP745394Yes
MK19 6BW52.048158-0.913292474621239420SP746394Yes
MK19 6BX52.047959-0.914128474564239397SP745393Yes
MK19 6BY52.046017-0.918958474236239176SP742391Yes
MK19 6BZ52.042912-0.906945475065238843SP750388Yes
MK19 6DA52.037321-0.916849474395238211SP743382Yes
MK19 6DB52.035477-0.922652474000238000SP740379No
MK19 6DD52.027851-0.904627475249237170SP752371Yes
MK19 6DF52.030418-0.907028475080237453SP750374Yes
MK19 6DG52.032851-0.887729476400237744SP764377Yes
MK19 6EY52.047843-0.910281474828239388SP748393Yes
MK19 6JR52.047587-0.89534475853239375SP758393Yes
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