Coxwold parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Coxwold parish. Coxwold contains approximately 90 households with a population of about 196 (2011 census)

Code: E04007157
Part of: Hambleton
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
YO6 3TG54.182612-1.201695452198476609SE521766No
YO6 3TQ54.17306-1.198033452449475549SE524755No
YO6 4AA54.186933-1.180004453608477106SE536771No
YO6 4AB54.187438-1.182875453420477160SE534771No
YO6 4AD54.187686-1.182395453451477188SE534771No
YO6 4AE54.186443-1.181975453480477050SE534770No
YO6 4BB54.188892-1.179919453611477324SE536773No
YO6 4BR54.199699-1.192613452769478517SE527785No
YO61 4AA54.186779-1.17993453613477089SE536770Yes
YO61 4AB54.187474-1.182982453413477164SE534771Yes
YO61 4AD54.187765-1.182588453438477197SE534771Yes
YO61 4AE54.186466-1.181454453514477053SE535770Yes
YO61 4AP54.186371-1.182023453477477042SE534770Yes
YO61 4BB54.188909-1.179904453612477326SE536773Yes
YO61 4QG54.182611-1.201587452205476609SE522766Yes
YO61 4QQ54.17264-1.197454452487475503SE524755Yes
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