Grimston parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Grimston parish. Grimston contains approximately 30 households with a population of about 63 (2011 census)

Code: E04007740
Part of: Selby
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LS24 9BU53.869234-1.265478448397441697SE483416Yes
LS24 9BX53.870044-1.256962448956441793SE489417Yes
LS24 9BY53.866703-1.260265448743441419SE487414Yes
LS24 9BZ53.866696-1.260641448718441418SE487414No
LS24 9DA53.862491-1.263756448518440948SE485409Yes
LS24 9DB53.864705-1.246828449629441206SE496412Yes
LS24 9UR53.864695-1.259703448782441196SE487411No
LS24 9UZ53.864695-1.259703448782441196SE487411No
LS24 9XA53.864695-1.259703448782441196SE487411No
LS24 9XB53.866703-1.26026448743441419SE487414No
LS24 9XH53.864695-1.259703448782441196SE487411No
LS24 9XP53.866703-1.260275448742441419SE487414No
LS24 9XR53.866703-1.26026448743441419SE487414No
LS24 9XT53.866703-1.26026448743441419SE487414No
LS24 9XU53.866703-1.26026448743441419SE487414No
LS24 9YQ53.864695-1.259703448782441196SE487411No
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