Clayworth parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Clayworth parish. Clayworth contains approximately 144 households with a population of about 326 (2011 census)

Code: E04007798
Part of: Bassetlaw
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
DN10 5AQ53.38826-0.920282471907388478SK719884Yes
DN22 9AA53.386746-0.910365472569388320SK725883Yes
DN22 9AB53.388389-0.910776472539388502SK725885Yes
DN22 9AD53.385374-0.905724472880388172SK728881Yes
DN22 9AE53.386844-0.907988472727388333SK727883Yes
DN22 9AF53.386391-0.90687472802388284SK728882Yes
DN22 9AG53.383108-0.896941473468387929SK734879Yes
DN22 9AH53.383826-0.901614473156388004SK731880Yes
DN22 9AJ53.380766-0.901889473143387663SK731876Yes
DN22 9AL53.381026-0.900243473252387694SK732876Yes
DN22 9AN53.387914-0.906021472856388454SK728884Yes
DN22 9AQ53.38302-0.902928473070387913SK730879Yes
DN22 9AR53.383948-0.918991472000388000SK720879No
DN22 9AS53.382653-0.907056472796387868SK727878Yes
DN22 9AW53.392229-0.892691473735388948SK737889Yes
DN22 9BA53.37421-0.901921473152386934SK731869Yes
DN22 9BE53.384678-0.903441473033388097SK730880Yes
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