Finmere parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Finmere parish. Finmere contains approximately 177 households with a population of about 468 (2011 census)

Code: E04008043
Part of: Cherwell
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
MK18 4AD51.99195-1.077187463461233013SP634330Yes
MK18 4AH51.987654-1.095901462182232519SP621325Yes
MK18 4AJ51.993848-1.092324462419233211SP624332Yes
MK18 4AL51.990642-1.075481463580232869SP635328Yes
MK18 4AN51.989159-1.070866463899232708SP638327Yes
MK18 4AP51.990197-1.072519463784232822SP637328Yes
MK18 4AQ51.987519-1.076113463541232521SP635325Yes
MK18 4AR51.989813-1.071799463834232780SP638327Yes
MK18 4AS51.992933-1.078518463368233121SP633331Yes
MK18 4AT51.996495-1.068573464046233526SP640335Yes
MK18 4AW51.990032-1.070979463890232805SP638328Yes
MK18 4BE51.989538-1.074543463646232747SP636327Yes
MK18 4BG51.991424-1.075436463582232956SP635329Yes
MK18 4BH51.988939-1.069225464012232685SP640326Yes
MK18 4BJ51.990231-1.075752463562232823SP635328No
MK18 4BQ51.991055-1.076536463507232914SP635329Yes
MK18 4BW51.990135-1.07619463532232812SP635328Yes
MK18 4DH51.9896-1.06876464043232759SP640327Yes
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