Bourton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Bourton parish. Bourton contains approximately 118 households with a population of about 315 (2011 census)

Code: E04008195
Part of: Vale of White Horse
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SN6 8HS51.587144-1.683911421996187635SU219876Yes
SN6 8HT51.589404-1.675004422612187889SU226878Yes
SN6 8HU51.584816-1.670809422905187380SU229873Yes
SN6 8HX51.584184-1.673036422751187309SU227873Yes
SN6 8HY51.584042-1.667566423130187295SU231872Yes
SN6 8HZ51.581487-1.667195423157187011SU231870Yes
SN6 8JA51.582251-1.667117423162187096SU231870Yes
SN6 8JB51.581281-1.666866423180186988SU231869Yes
SN6 8JD51.581305-1.666273423221186991SU232869Yes
SN6 8JE51.584378-1.671908422829187331SU228873Yes
SN6 8JF51.580726-1.664863423319186927SU233869Yes
SN6 8JG51.58065-1.666624423197186918SU231869Yes
SN6 8JH51.577823-1.656182423922186607SU239866Yes
SN6 8JP51.581387-1.666575423200187000SU232869No
SN6 8JQ51.577285-1.659218423712186546SU237865Yes
SN6 8JR51.581256-1.664974423311186986SU233869Yes
SN6 8JW51.581798-1.665764423256187046SU232870Yes
SN6 8JY51.580488-1.666582423200186900SU231868No
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