Fernham parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Fernham parish. Fernham contains approximately 97 households with a population of about 251 (2011 census)

Code: E04008210
Part of: Vale of White Horse
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SN7 7NJ51.624716-1.577157429368191851SU293918Yes
SN7 7NT51.62454-1.578285429290191831SU292918Yes
SN7 7NU51.624678-1.576464429416191847SU294918Yes
SN7 7NW51.625477-1.580458429139191934SU291919Yes
SN7 7NX51.625413-1.577729429328191928SU293919Yes
SN7 7NY51.625643-1.580009429170191953SU291919Yes
SN7 7NZ51.624175-1.58164429058191789SU290917Yes
SN7 7PA51.626378-1.579308429218192035SU292920Yes
SN7 7PB51.625066-1.579364429215191889SU292918Yes
SN7 7PD51.629376-1.573011429652192371SU296923Yes
SN7 7PE51.625969-1.578041429306191990SU293919Yes
SN7 7PP51.631023-1.587617428640192548SU286925Yes
SN7 7PR51.618445-1.586055428756191150SU287911Yes
SN7 7PW51.63018-1.586381428726192455SU287924Yes
SN7 7UX51.623946-1.579938429176191764SU291917Yes
SN7 7XG51.625221-1.580114429163191906SU291919No
SN7 7XQ51.625212-1.580114429163191905SU291919Yes
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