Kingston Lisle parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Kingston Lisle parish. Kingston Lisle contains approximately 95 households with a population of about 225 (2011 census)

Code: E04008223
Part of: Vale of White Horse
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
OX12 9QE51.581573-1.533525432419187071SU324870Yes
OX12 9QF51.562953-1.540957431917184997SU319849Yes
OX12 9QG51.585462-1.530353432636187505SU326875Yes
OX12 9QH51.587486-1.532945432455187729SU324877Yes
OX12 9QJ51.59073-1.53935432009188087SU320880Yes
OX12 9QL51.58847-1.52937432702187840SU327878Yes
OX12 9QN51.589937-1.529643432682188003SU326880Yes
OX12 9QP51.590489-1.528309432774188065SU327880Yes
OX12 9QQ51.585967-1.530882432599187561SU325875Yes
OX12 9QR51.591082-1.528202432781188131SU327881Yes
OX12 9QS51.591639-1.52785432805188193SU328881Yes
OX12 9QT51.596907-1.525572432959188780SU329887Yes
OX12 9QU51.606905-1.523345433106189893SU331898Yes
OX12 9QW51.590281-1.527633432821188042SU328880Yes
OX12 9QX51.58785-1.529535432691187771SU326877Yes
OX12 9QZ51.60916-1.522556433159190144SU331901Yes
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