Littleworth parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Littleworth parish. Littleworth contains approximately 98 households with a population of about 243 (2011 census)

Code: E04008227
Part of: Vale of White Horse
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SN7 8EB51.684502-1.574272429529198501SU295985Yes
SN7 8ED51.671729-1.54881431298197091SU312970Yes
SN7 8EE51.672482-1.550668431169197174SU311971Yes
SN7 8EF51.671985-1.550095431209197119SU312971Yes
SN7 8EG51.671977-1.547839431365197119SU313971Yes
SN7 8EQ51.671538-1.546976431425197071SU314970Yes
SN7 8EU51.657799-1.555382430853195539SU308955Yes
SN7 8JJ51.67234-1.547373431397197160SU313971Yes
SN7 8JP51.687778-1.547407431384198877SU313988Yes
SN7 8JR51.688541-1.561301430423198956SU304989Yes
SN7 8JS51.690108-1.564411430207199129SU302991Yes
SN7 8JU51.681007-1.574999429481198112SU294981Yes
SN7 8JX51.688658-1.568576429920198966SU299989Yes
SN7 8JY51.684631-1.581373429038198513SU290985Yes
SN7 8PL51.662194-1.565502430150196024SU301960Yes
SN7 8PN51.664973-1.560705430480196335SU304963Yes
SN7 8PW51.670689-1.543615431658196978SU316969Yes
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