West Hendred parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the West Hendred parish. West Hendred contains approximately 143 households with a population of about 391 (2011 census)

Code: E04008252
Part of: Vale of White Horse
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
OX12 8QS51.576467-1.35702444654186596SU446865Yes
OX12 8QT51.575463-1.355938444730186485SU447864Yes
OX12 8QX51.558891-1.34919445214184646SU452846Yes
OX12 8RD51.595931-1.353281444894188763SU448887Yes
OX12 8RG51.597713-1.353501444877188961SU448889Yes
OX12 8RH51.5998-1.353717444860189193SU448891Yes
OX12 8RJ51.596161-1.350968445054188790SU450887Yes
OX12 8RL51.59528-1.352525444947188691SU449886Yes
OX12 8RN51.594743-1.35464444801188630SU448886Yes
OX12 8RP51.593369-1.353274444897188478SU448884Yes
OX12 8RQ51.596538-1.354037444841188830SU448888Yes
OX12 8RR51.591985-1.353366444892188324SU448883Yes
OX12 8RS51.591172-1.354359444824188233SU448882Yes
OX12 8RT51.588407-1.356866444653187924SU446879Yes
OX12 8RU51.587525-1.356648444669187826SU446878Yes
OX12 8RW51.594255-1.351024445052188578SU450885Yes
OX12 8RX51.593327-1.352163444974188474SU449884Yes
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