Closworth parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Closworth parish. Closworth contains approximately 85 households with a population of about 222 (2011 census)

Code: E04008683
Part of: South Somerset
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BA22 9JF50.902321-2.667923353129111640ST531116Yes
BA22 9PA50.90019-2.684886351934111413ST519114Yes
BA22 9PB50.900853-2.676223352544111482ST525114Yes
BA22 9PD50.883579-2.666733353194109555ST531095Yes
BA22 9PH50.891791-2.680341352245110477ST522104Yes
BA22 9PT50.899869-2.693556351324111383ST513113Yes
BA22 9QH50.898637-2.628609355890111206ST558112Yes
BA22 9QL50.902091-2.63177355671111592ST556115Yes
BA22 9QN50.90259-2.640807355036111653ST550116Yes
BA22 9QP50.896421-2.645671354688110970ST546109Yes
BA22 9QW50.901383-2.641389354994111519ST549115Yes
BA22 9RE50.900764-2.620845356438111437ST564114Yes
BA22 9RF50.896724-2.618147356624110987ST566109Yes
BA22 9RG50.896073-2.617229356688110914ST566109Yes
BA22 9RN50.888956-2.621356416110124ST564101Yes
BA22 9RQ50.895092-2.617172356691110805ST566108Yes
BA22 9RW50.892347-2.632676355598110509ST555105Yes
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