Newtimber parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Newtimber parish. Newtimber contains approximately 44 households with a population of about 103 (2011 census)

Code: E04009993
Part of: Mid Sussex
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BN4 7DA50.888969-0.191502527300111500TQ273115No
BN4 7DB50.88807-0.191537527300111400TQ273113No
BN4 7DD50.888114-0.194379527100111400TQ271113No
BN4 7DE50.893616-0.201276526600112000TQ266119No
BN4 7EA50.902406-0.188137527500113000TQ275129No
BN45 7DA50.889513-0.191553527295111560TQ272115Yes
BN45 7DB50.888405-0.191083527331111438TQ273114Yes
BN45 7DD50.888705-0.19403527123111466TQ271114Yes
BN45 7DE50.888869-0.192644527220111487TQ272114Yes
BN45 7EA50.902471-0.187651527534113008TQ275130Yes
BN6 9BH50.912614-0.190444527310114131TQ273141Yes
BN6 9BP50.919999-0.195791526914114943TQ269149Yes
BN6 9BS50.904957-0.185337527690113288TQ276132Yes
BN6 9BT50.907086-0.192977527147113512TQ271135Yes
BN6 9BU50.910108-0.194737527015113845TQ270138Yes
BN6 9ED50.916798-0.201094526550114578TQ265145Yes
BN6 9FT50.919578-0.195624526927114896TQ269148Yes
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