Hampton Lovett parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Hampton Lovett parish. Hampton Lovett contains approximately 159 households with a population of about 334 (2011 census)

Code: E04010397
Part of: Wychavon
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
WR9 0LP52.283167-2.179584387846265018SO878650Yes
WR9 0LR52.282235-2.181083387743264914SO877649Yes
WR9 0LU52.287526-2.167785388652265501SO886655Yes
WR9 0LW52.281563-2.175898388097264839SO880648Yes
WR9 0LX52.292182-2.166008388774266018SO887660Yes
WR9 0LY52.302306-2.174382388206267146SO882671Yes
WR9 0LZ52.304804-2.172728388319267423SO883674Yes
WR9 0NA52.304324-2.158463389292267368SO892673Yes
WR9 0NU52.285522-2.164605388868265277SO888652Yes
WR9 0NX52.28469-2.168149388626265185SO886651Yes
WR9 0NY52.283963-2.169736388518265105SO885651Yes
WR9 0PA52.288977-2.175569388121265663SO881656Yes
WR9 0PB52.289098-2.192656386956265680SO869656Yes
WR9 0PD52.299607-2.187408387317266848SO873668Yes
WR9 0QE52.283279-2.167748388653265028SO886650Yes
WR9 0QG52.284807-2.167886388644265198SO886651Yes
WR9 0QH52.285241-2.172754388312265247SO883652Yes
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